Leela Wadeet
Leela's appearance
Appearances Grand Theft Auto: State of Dreams
Full name Leela Wadeet
Also Known Us Leel, Wadee, Ll' Wadeet, Stoneela
Status Alive
Gender Female
Date of birth 6th April 1993
Place of birth San Fierro
Nationality American
Family Unnamed Leela's mother (dead)

Edmund Wadeet (dead)

Vehicle(s) Lime Feltzer, Black and dark purple NRG 900

Leela Wadeet (born 6th April 1993 in San Fierro). 19-years old girl, who parents are dead. She sometimes talks about herself "Stoner", beacuse Leela is addicted to marijuana.

Early lifeEdit

In 1991 she was ejected from college for owning drugs.


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